Welcome to the website of the PROline BODY salon by Forever BEAUTY spol. s.r.o. This place can become a springboard on your way to a more beautiful and firmer body and consequently a healthier and more joyous life.

Studio Brno Studio Brno

The PROline BODY salon in Brno was opened in 2002 by Mrs Procházková, the original owner, who now owns another two salons in Příbram and Prague. Due to our personal experience with the quality of services provided in the salon, the directors of our company Forever BEAUTY spol. s.r.o. have decided to buy the salon from Mrs Procházková with its equipment and also with its name. This happened in December 2014.

Thus a new chapter in the history of the PROline BODY salon in Brno started on 1 January, 2015. However, the personnel remain the same.

Our goal is to maintain the high quality care provided to our clients, continue with the time-tested effective procedures with new and modern devices and – especially – to increase the services on offer as well as to ceaselessly hone the overall comfort provided to our clients..

Studio Brno Studio Brno

Apart from Bailine – computer-controlled figure-firming and body-shaping devices – we also offer face drainage and face lifting with a device called X GENIA which applies a combination of technologies reducing subcutaneous fat, excessive water and cellulite. Immediate results are guaranteed! It is the most modern device nowadays and also the only one in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, you can also try cryolipolysis – both the most effective and the most considerate technology for the reduction of subcutaneous fat that yields permanent results as soon as after the first treatment, compressive drainage with a device called lymfoven, traditional sports and restorative massages, lymphatic drainage, complete facial and others.

The PROline BODY team and its new owners
Ing. Michaela Svobodová, Ing. Radim Paulík and Zdeňka Paulíková
are looking forward to your visit.

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When using these payment vouchers or benefits we add 10% to the prices of procedures.


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